At usual public concerts, there are unfortunately only few opportunities to get into a converstion with the musicians. The pianist is playing somewhere in front of you on the stage, and the only contact to her is when she bows and shows a thankful smile, maybe announces an encore. Personal exchange though is mostly limited to a few minutes after the concert - if taking place at all.


A private house concert offers the opportunity to be present and very close to the game, see how the musician prepares herself for the concert, sit next to her during the recital with special, selected guests, have extensive conversations - that is, have her "all to yourself". Who is this person, who gives you musical enjoyment for the evening? How long does it take to prepare it, how is her everyday life, how does it feel like to play in front of an audience? Is it a secret how to raise such sounds from an instrument or can that be learned by everyone? Is any pianist upset by "Für Elise" of Beethoven? And what does she do when she is not playing music?


If you would like to experience this and even a lot more, a house concert could be interesting to you. As it took place in the 19th century, in ages of Chopin and Liszt hundreds of times in circles of middle and upper class. Musicians, artists, poets and enthousiasts met to get in exchange and to enjoy the arts. Maybe you want to give a truely special experience to your family and friends and set up a house concert, that can be combined wonderfully with a tasting, a dinner, a reading or a connecting festivity.


Requirement for this are appropriate premises with a grand piano (which can be rented from a piano store). This could be your own living room or another, maybe rented locality. If you have any questions or ideas, do not hesitate to contact me.


If there are no other special wishes, I always present my performed pieces, speak about historical and musical backgrounds and my personal experience and affection to the piece and music.