It is a real treasure [...] that Anne Riegler has created with her debut album. [...] An extremely appealing idea that obviously nobody has had before. [...] A truly comprehensive artistic achievement that deserves the highest appreciation.

Klaviermagazin PianoNews



Strong Debut

Anne Riegler's debut album is convincing due to her programmatic concept as well as her successful interpretation. [...] Vivid phrasing and dimensional ornamentation [...] reveal Riegler's enormous talent. [...] With vital, highly focused playing, she meets the musical core of the Petitesses. [...] In combination with the cover, designed by herself and the very informative, personally commented booklet, Anne Riegler's latest recording can be called an utterly recommendable debut.


Starkes Debut

Anne Rieglers Debüt-Album überzeugt sowohl durch das programmatische Konzept als auch durch gelungene Interpretationen. [...] Lebendige Phrasierung und plastische Ornamentik lassen [...] Rieglers großes Talent erkennen. [...] Mit vitalem, hoch konzentriertem Spiel trifft sie den musikalischen Nerv der Petitessen. [...] Zusammen mit einem selbstgestalteten Cover und einem informativen, persönlich kommentierten Booklet gelingt Anne Riegler mit vorliegender Einspielung ein absolut empfehlenswertes Debüt.

CD-Review, 02.06.2017



"Anne Riegler performs magic with her piano. [...] She is clearly part of the new movement among pianists to play with instead of at the piano. Riegler reveals composers on a deep level. Her take on Ravel was delicious. She both rippled notes and ripped through them with a delicate sense of line and form. A masterful technician, it is her sensitive listening as she plays that distinguishes her and gives much pleasure to listeners who can hear Ravel afresh."

Review of concert at Carnegie Hall, 20.04.2017, Berkshire fine arts


"An inventive approach to present the piano music of Maurice Ravel that bears direct relation to other composers and contrast them with each other. [...]. There is so much passion and power of creation in Riegler's playing. [...] A successful debut."

Broadcast and presentation on the radio of CD "à la manière de..." in MDR, 20.03.2017


"Accomplished pianist Anne Riegler engaged the audience with her charming introductions to each piece and held our attention with some fine playing."

Review of concert for German Forum in NYC, March 2017, Voce di meche


"Anne Riegler, who traveled back to New York for her studies at the Mannes school shortly after the concert, amazed the audience with a playing that was both impressive and expressive. One can be looking forward excitedly to the progression of the carreer of the young pianist. On the ladder, it can only go upwars."

CD presentation in Wechterswinkel, Germany, January 2017


"excellent technique."

Fränkische Landeszeitung, 2015


"She raised the most wonderful sounds out of the piano like a master of sorcery."

"incredible levels of shading and nuances of colors."

"Sounds to be addicted to. A playing that touches."

Der Patriot / Geseker Zeitung, Nr. 232, 2013


"impressive way of touch."

"You want to dwindle into her soft pilows of trill chains and filmy, cobweb fine ornaments of the notes of the melodie.."

Main-Echo 2013


"It would have been possible to hear a pin drop, so immense was the fascination of the audience about the young woman's way of playing the piano."

Mainpost, 2011


 "a true pleasure to listen to.

Rhön und Saalepost 2009