Anne Riegler, Pianist


Anne Riegler performs magic with her piano. [...] She is clearly part of the new movement among pianists to play with instead of at the piano. Riegler reveals composers on a deep level.

Berkshire Fine Arts on her debut at Carnegie Hall

Now available: Anne Riegler's CD "à la manière..." with works of Maurice Ravel and composers that he portrayed.


What do an Opera Aria by Gounod and a short Serenade by Borodin have in common? They both served as models for two short piano pieces by Maurice Ravel: Portraits of other composers. Anne Riegler offers in her debut CD a perspective on Ravel's music that is unique in its approach. All piano works in which Ravel names and refers to other composers are paired with original compositions of those portrayed composers, resulting in an exceptional journey through all periods of music history from Couperin to Ravel.


"Sounds to be addicted to. A playing that touches."

Geseker Zeitung after a piano recital


Anne Riegler is a young German pianist who plays all the repertoire from Bach until Contemporary Music. She is also interested in playing other musical styles from time to time.  

Anne Riegler performs in Europe, Russia and the United States, takes part in CD productions and is the author of her own online Blog and the most wellknown German piano magazine "Piano News".


She appreciates the personal contact and conversation with the audience and therefor likes to play lecture concerts and house concerts.


Since August 2015, Anne Riegler is a student of renowned American pianist Jerome Rose at the Mannes School in New York City.